Hi, we’d like to do your laundry and dry cleaning!

Is today good?

Touchless doorstep pickup with standard next day delivery!

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Door-to-door service. Professional, eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning. And you don’t pay more.


One low price for full service

The other guys have fine print and excessive fees. We don’t. Our prices are for clean clothes in one day, delivered.


Serving the Bay Area since 1999

We’re cleaners. We’re not dot-commers, disruptors or dis-intermediators. We’re not even sure what those mean.


We’re cleaners and good at it

If there’s a stain on your clothes, it’s our job to remove it. And we don’t charge extra for it!


Use our app or our website

With a couple of clicks you can schedule a pickup today and delivery tomorrow.


We don’t send your clothes to a “partner”

We own and operate our own plant in Hayward. It’s the only place your clothes will go.

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Wash & Fold

Save hours not doing laundry! We got you at just $1.99/lb, no subscription, and next day delivery! (15 lb minimum)

Just throw your non-ironing laundry in a bag (socks, t-shirts, underwear, towels, sheets etc.) and we’ll take it from there. We use the best scent free, hypoallergenic detergent money can buy, always dry on gentle, and promptly remove from the dryer to hand fold everything into a shrink-wrapped bundle of joy! Seriously, our wash & fold is next level!

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Schedule your pickup.

You have until 11:30am to schedule a same day pickup at your doorstep.

Friendly driver in a sparkling van appears. You’ll be in the know with two texts:

1) When we’re 10 mins away.

2) When we’ve picked up your order.

Your clothes go to our Hayward plant for a “spa day” and you’ll get the same texts as they’re delivered back to your doorstep the very next day.

Let’s get started

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Serving hundreds of Bay Area companies including