Doing Our Part

We’ve taken green to a whole new level! We not only guarantee you a 100% perc-free cleaning process, but, we also bring you the first carbon neutral fleet and production process in the industry. As proudly displayed on all of our vans, we’ve reduced our delivery fleet’s carbon footprint to zero via TerraPass. Being green is an all encompassing effort that we’re on the forefront of, making sure that we offer you the best cleaning experience, with the least environmental impact…all at GREAT PRICES!

100% Perc-Free

Icons_LeafOur commitment to being green starts with our 100% perchloroethylene-free dry cleaning process. We take our commitment to greener cleaning very seriously, while making sure that we can offer you the best cleaning for all of your garments. Our cleaning process is not only better for your health, but it also cares for the air that we breathe and the ground water below our feet. And we can do all of this without sacrificing our ability to truly clean your clothes…something that many “green” cleaners can’t boast. We’ve all heard and read about Perc horror stories as well as complaints of “green” alternatives that don’t get clothes clean. At PurpleTie, we have the solution to both problems…environmentally sustainable practices, with no compromise in cleaning quality!

Fewer Plastic Bags = Good For Mother Nature

PurpleTie will provide you with a permanent, reusable PurpleTie bag with your first order. If you still need a permanent PurpleTie bag, simply write “provide me with a permanent bag” with your next order. Added Benefit: Your permanent bag will come with a barcoded name tag that will identify the bag as yours.


Icons_RecycleHangers: We recycle or reuse metal hangers–all of them! In fact, with our reuse/recycle hanger program, no hanger should ever hit a landfill! You can help by simply including your extra metal hangers along with your next batch of clothes, and we’ll take it from there.

Garment covers: The garment bags we use in packaging your clean clothes are made of 50% recycled materials and are themselves recyclable through plastic bag recycling bins located at all major grocery stores.  We’re doing our best to protect and deliver you the cleanest clothes possible, while continuing to implement the newest and most sustainable solutions as they become available in the marketplace.   We’re hoping that residential curbside recycling of plastic bags becomes the norm someday soon too but, in the meantime, try this trick for re-purposing: just tie off the end of the bag (the side with the hole where the hangers come through) and you’ll be left with a great trash can liner!